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    What we offer

    TuningFiles in best quality for maximum performance!
    DPF / FAP / EGR / FLAPS / POP&BANGS / KATOFF & many more
    Multiple power levels
    Stage1 / Stage2 / Stage3
    and the following special programmings:

    <p>Stage 1</p>

    Stage 1

    <p>Stage 2 </p>

    Stage 2

    <p>Stage 3</p>

    Stage 3

    <p>Start / Stop</p>

    Start / Stop

    <p>Start / Stop</p>

    Gear Files

    Eco Tuning

    Adblue SCR off

    DPF / FAP off

    AGR off

    NOX off

    Kat /Lambda off

    Pop & Bang

    Exhaust Flaps Control

    Lauch Control

    Problem solving - startproblems on diesel engines

    DTC off (DTC) Diagnostic Trouble Code

    V-Max Off (speedlimit on/off higher/ lower)

    Swirl Flaps off

    Tuning on Sport Button

    CVN Patch

    Tuning Tools


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